// Lead Vocals, Guitar




// Vocals, Minor Percussion




// Guitar, Keys, Bass




// Drums, Percussion




// Bass, Guitar




// Congas, Percussion



The SoulFire Project is a multi-cultural, nomadic music experience that fuses reggae and cumbia with folk, Afro-Latin, and Caribbean elements, weaving a tapestry of world music that embraces the resilience of the human spirit. With one fist raised in solidarity and the other hand inviting us to join the movement, the group’s powerful blend of world beats and infectious harmonies stand out as a passionate call for coherence between consciousness and action.

Touring the Americas since 2009 in their home/studio, a converted 1979 school bus that runs on used vegetable oil and solar power, The SoulFire Project has grown from the street, to the stage, to world music festivals in Central America, Europe and the US. Their live performance is compelling and dynamic. From their boisterous blend of gypsy punk, to acoustic world mixes, to hard-grooving Afro-Latin anthems, their devotion to what they are projecting is as palpable as the beat of the drum. 

After three independent releases (El Primer Paso, Le Gran Voyage and YouRevolución EP), The SoulFire Project is excited to release their most ambitious album to date, No Borders, produced by Grammy award-winning, Christian Castagno. While on a political level No Borders is a visceral reflection of the group’s core beliefs, the album’s title is multi-dimensional and fitting in every way. Interweaving musical genres and languages, with songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the album features musicians from 13 countries, jumping all kinds of geographical borders as well. The SoulFire Project's decade-long journey through Latin America has had a profound influence on their musical style, evident in their fusion of Colombian cumbia with salsa in “En Movimiento”, or the Champeta Africana tinge on songs like “Raya en el Mar” and “Palabra Kadabra”. Their nomadic nature has also allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the indigenous struggles and resistance, sentiments which are called upon in “La Montaña Ruge” and responded to in “Somos Más”.

With No Borders, The SoulFire Project delivers 10 tracks that reaffirm the intelligence of our inner child and ignite the revolutionary fervor growing in all of us, distinguishing the group as an emphatic new force in today’s world music scene.